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technical assistance

After sales service
The after sales service is guaranteed thanks to high skilled service engineers. They are able to support the Customers with technical assistance and on site intervention in very short time. Moreover Safop is present all over the world with a Sales network, which can offer also the first level service.

Spare parts
Safop’s machine tools have a high grade of availability. Safop guarantees the supply of spare parts for 25 years al least. The spare parts department gives the support to the customer in the shorter period of time by assuring the parts in the quickest time.Le macchine utensili Safop sono sinonimo di affidabilità e sicurezza.

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The Teleservice is guaranteed in all the new generation machines. With this system is possible to have a real time diagnosis of the PLC of the machine. The Customer can also use this service to upgrade the software of the machine without the necessity to have a service engineer on site and consequently reducing time and costs.
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